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Smoke Test


Smoke test is used to detect the input sources rats drains, foundation drains, cross connections and storm water drainage system. It can also detect structural deterioration and leaking seals in the drains. The smoke test is one of the most effective methods, and the costs of finding sources of leakage in sewer areas.


How does the test smoke?


The field work associated with the smoke test project. The team used a high-capacity device and strength "smoke" down drains. Smoke, under pressure, journey through the sewers and escapes through relationships and defects, cracks, leaks, etc. along the path. This quickly reveals flow sources and infiltration in the study area.


After placing the device and filling lines with smoke, we will conduct a visual inspection of the smoke escaping. Particular attention is paid to the health side cleanout and downspouts roof. It is not uncommon, however, to see smoke coming out of the grass, wooded areas, or cracks in pavements. All sources are documented by measurements and photos / video to make it easier to find these sources.


The smoke is non-toxic and non-hazardous and is made especially for this purpose. It leaves no residue or stains, and has no effect on plants or animals. The smoke should not enter your home, but if it does, it will have a distinct odor and should only last a few minutes with adequate ventilation. Note that all drain traps fixing plumbing must be filled with water before you execute the test. See instructions below.




Make sure all the drains and plumbing fixtures have water in them. Fill rarely used drains (such as floor drains basement, garage wells) with water by running the tap for 30 to 60 seconds or completing the flight with about 3 cups of water. This will prevent smoke from entering your home.

Prepare drains soon as you receive the smoke test view, this should only be done once before the start of practice


The smoke does not enter your home, however, if it comes it could be an indication of a fault in your plumbing system. This flaw could allow sewer gases from entering the interior of your home, which is a potential health hazard. The correction of these defects on private property are the responsibility of the owner and a licensed plumber should be consulted to ensure that appropriate corrections are made.

Smoke test Montreal 514-915-3601 | Plumbing smoke test pipe | Rat smoke test Montreal
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