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Do you hear noise in the attic during the night?  You may have a raccoon problem.

Raccoons problems are common in many homes. They are active at night when they search for food, but take up dens during the day, often resulting with raccoons in attics and raccoons in garages of homes. In northern regions during the winter months, raccoons are in their dens the majority of the time, and homes provides the animals with a warm living space.


Do Raccoon give birth in attic ?



Meeting season is in the month of febuary an usually the give birth during the month of april, but it could be sometime before and sometime it goes till the month of jully. And when they found an attic the give birth inside, they do a lot of dommage again insulation when the chew it and with their dejection.

Raccoon Damage in attic, Raccoons in Yard and Raccoons in Garden

When raccoons take up residence in your home, they act as they would in the wild, which means tunneling, defecating and urinating in your attic or garage. Often times, raccoons will bore their way through insulation, trampling it down, and even biting through the insulation on your piping. They are also known to chew up electrical wiring in these areas as well. Raccoons in yards and raccoons in gardens destroy crops, tear up sod looking for worms, and go through garbage.

How to get rid of a raccon problem in house, in attic?

When raccoons have made themselves at home in your home, trained professionals are required to safely and humanely get the animals out of your residence. We use tactics such as exclusion, trapping and habitat modification to ensure that raccoons will not be able to den in your home again!

If you are concerned about a possible raccoon problem in your home or in your attic, garden or yard, contact US at 514-915-3601 to receive expert help.


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